Building Connections

The Communications Department is responsible for connecting with the greater community through partnerships, projects and other initiatives. One of the primary responsibilities of the department is striving to expand Race to a Cure as an organization. 

Diversity and Inclusivity

The Communications Department is responsible for bringing in diversity, and accounting for everyone. The department engages both official languages in Canada by tending to the English and French audience. 

Online Outreach

The Communications Department is responsible for the dissemination of Race to a Cure’s various initiatives. The department works behind the scenes to publish the monthly newsletters, and the Impact Reports. Race to a Cure’s articles are formatted, and published by the department’s Columnists.

Mina Chong

Hello! I’m Mina and I live in Vancouver, British Columbia. I’m excited to be taking on a new role as a Communications Lead for Race To A Cure. I’m inspired by our team members to use my passion for a good cause, especially in the times we live in. My hobbies include playing basketball, running, and writing. As we move ahead, I am certain great times are coming for R2AC!

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Michelle Xiao

Hey everyone! My name is Michelle, and I am a junior at Little Flower Academy in Vancouver, BC. My hobbies include volunteering, exploring, taking photographs, and writing poetry. I am ecstatic to be continuing my service with Race to A Cure, and I am excited to continue working alongside incredible individuals!

The Communications Officer

Alessia Novielli
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The French Expansion Officer

Clara Han
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The Columnists​

Victoria Huang
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Edie Whittington
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Valerie Shirobokov
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Sherilyn Wen
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Maria Giroux
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Stephanie Sahadeo
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