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Congratulations to this year's cohort of R2AC Changemakers! Race to a Cure’s  Canadian Changemakers awards programs recognizes Canada’s most innovative, active, and impactful youth who are creating positive change in their communities. This group of incredibly passionate and talented youth was selected due to their determination and leadership abilities. Learn more about them below!

headshot - Ian Korovinsky.jpeg

Ian Korovinsky

Software Engineering, University of Waterloo

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Ian Korovinsky is a Software Engineering student at the University of Waterloo and an avid tech entrepreneur. Ian has made his mark on students and rising entrepreneurs as the founder of Opportunify, a platform connecting students with opportunities, and as an Ontario DECA Provincial Officer, where he raised over $150,000 in sponsorship funding and hosted competitions for over 10,000 students across Ontario. After successfully launching his first startup, Floato, he is currently working on his next entrepreneurial venture. Ian is actively advising rising entrepreneurs and budding leaders, so free to reach out to him on LinkedIn for a coffee chat!

472FA5DB-ECC7-4620-A49F-B29AC583FB3A_1_105_c - Jobanjit Dhanota.jpeg

Jobanjit Dhanota

Biomedical Sciences, University of Guelph

Caledon, Ontario

Jobanjit, a second-year Biomedical Sciences student at the University of Guelph, aspires to be a global leader in human health and wellbeing, inspired by a strong desire to save lives and help those in need. His relentless dedication led him to Refiners Hub, where he developed a comprehensive social media strategy and was instrumental in the creation of the organization's website, branding, CRM, and social media presence. Jobanjit's dedication to helping marginalized individuals is obvious in the platform, which has helped them to establish meaningful and sustainable professions.

Ore Maxwell

Health Sciences, Queen's University

Grand Prairie, Alberta

Ore Maxwell is a true force of change, making remarkable impacts in every aspect of her life. She couldn't be more thrilled to be one of the co-founders of Happiness Battery, a one-stop shop for all things happiness. Designed to evoke all four of the happiness chemicals: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins, Ore believed that Happiness Battery was the light at the end of the tunnel to help others during the pandemic. As an Equity Ambassador, Commitment Scholar, and a passionate advocate for equity-deserving youth, Ore is ecstatic to be a part of the R2AC community as a Canadian Changemaker.

QBASedited-24 - Ore Maxwell.jpg

Sara Zakhour

Biomedical Science, University of Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario

Sara is a 4th-year Biomedical Science student at the University of Ottawa with a passion for healthcare and a keen interest in research pertaining to the visual system. Since moving to Canada in 2017, she has worked in several healthcare and STEM-related leadership roles that have expanded her knowledge and solidified her love for educating others on this ever-growing field! Through working with organizations like Let’s Talk Science, the Canadian Cancer Society, and The Ottawa Hospital, she learned that she deeply values using her scientific background to share valuable knowledge with others, and was able to further nurture her love for teamwork, leadership, and community service. Sara believes that her generation is a generation of changemakers and looks forward to partaking in that change!

headshot - Sara Zakhour.jpg
Deepali-Photo-Square - Deepali Khandelwal.png

Deepali Khandelwal

Economics, Western University

Oakville, Ontario

Since a young age, Deepali Khandelwal has been passionate about creating positive change. Whether it be involving herself with organizations such as Me to We, Plan International Canada or the Believe Initiative, she's worked to support youth around the world. Through the latter, and its high school branch the Believe Leadership Course (BLC), she's worked collaboratively to help bring this youth program to 40+ school Chapters across North America, resulting in 750+ student impact projects and 1200+ student alumni. Throughout her future endeavors, she aims to continue to help others and create global change.

Arwen Fong

Science, University of British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia

Arwen Fong is an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Science at UBC. Arwen’s passions lie in exploring the unknown through her involvement in research within Life Sciences, and sharing her knowledge with other students as an undergraduate academic assistant. Beyond her academic pursuits, she is also passionate about physical activity, as a competing athlete on the UBC Tennis Team and a Canadian Special Olympics Coach. Arwen strives to make a positive impact on her community, others’ lives and their overall well-being.

arwen_fong_headshot - Arwen Fong (1).jpg
Screenshot 2023-08-09 201236 - Mishaal Allidina (1).png

Mishaal Allidina

Health Sciences and QuARMS, Queen's University

Toronto, Ontario

As an active volunteer since the age of 7, Mishaal (she/her) has continuously worked towards upholding pillars of equity, diversity, and pluralism within her local and global communities. With first-hand experience of the gap in accessible support services within her community, she is dedicated towards contributing to a fairer future for Canadian youth. Within her home community in Toronto, she grew her leadership profile by taking a special interest in volunteering with students with limiting physical and cognitive disabilities as a mentor with her high school, long-term care facilities, and promoting ASL lessons through her mentorship platform as a Big Sister. After relocating to pursue post-secondary education at Queen’s University, she has taken a special interest in providing mentorships to students who do not have access to post-secondary application assistance. Working towards a career in healthcare, she aims to build a network that can collectively tackle the apparent lack of accessibility for youths across Canada.

Bhumeet Gupta

Biology, Western University

London, Ontario

Bhumeet is an undergraduate student with a passion for making the world a better place. He believes in the power of sustainability and is actively involved in promoting initiatives that can help us live in harmony with nature. Through research, advocacy, and action, Bhumeet strives to make sustainability a mainstream concept. He is always ready to learn, adapt, and innovate for a greener and healthier planet. Together, we can make a difference!

Bhumeet - Bhumeet Gupta.JPG
Headshot - Allyson.png

Allyson Richard

Medical Sciences, Western University

LaSalle, Ontario

Allyson is a second-year science student at the University of Western Ontario and is passionate about supporting youth. She has tutored several groups in need within her community and volunteers as a youth crisis responder in her spare time. Allyson chooses to empower youth to help them reach their greatest potential and aids in cultivating a generation of confident, capable leaders.

Puja Suthar

Psychology, Macewan University

Edmonton, Alberta

Puja is 2nd year psychology student who is deeply passionate about mental health and its potential to improve lives. As a Behavior Interventionist at the Centre for Autism Services Alberta, Puja offers support to children on the autism spectrum. Her dedication extends to volunteering at CASA, where she has the opportunity to gain experience in research. Along with those she is one of the Co-founders of Mind Awareness, a non-profit mental health organization, which was established during the pandemic to provide resources for those in need and break down stigma surrounding mental health. Through her studies and experiences, she hopes to make a positive impact, and foster compassion and understanding throughout our community and beyond.

puja_headshots (6 of 11) - Puja Suthar.jpg
Janelle_Ponniah_HEADSHOT - Janelle Ponniah.jpg

Janelle Ponniah

Stouffville, Ontario

Janelle is an aspiring AP student at St. Brother Andre. She enjoys playing various instruments, painting, journaling and getting involved in the community. A few of her favourite volunteering experiences include tutoring, working for an IT company as a content designer, running marathons for women's health and being an environmental cleaner. She has always been inspired to incorporate science and engineering innovations through technological advancements, and her most valued project is building a white cane with an ultrasonic sensor. Ultimately, her passion is to improve healthcare through STEM and innovation and pursue a career in medicine and technology.

Cindy Chen

Richmond, British Columbia

Cindy, an ambitious high school senior, balances academic excellence with her love for art and lettering. Her enduring four-year-old art account showcases over 700 pieces, while her roles in marketing, graphic design, and management across several organizations highlight her applied skills. She believes that students should not feel the need to compromise their interests for things they don't enjoy and should rather utilize their unique talents as vehicles for change in their communities. Since moving during the pandemic, she has also reconnected with her community during her free time through tutoring, face painting, and leading clubs.

Headshot - cindy c..jpeg
20230522_075727 - Vidhi Amin.jpg

Vidhi Amin

Brampton, Ontario

Passionate towards advancing youth impact and opportunities, Vidhi strives to make a change through her numerous initiatives. Currently, she is the Chief Financial Officer of NeuroElevation where she manages a team that performs outreach responsibilities and raises funds to further current neuroscience research and provide for cognitive disease research and relief. She is eager to be a part of R2AC’s community of thinkers, innovators, and most importantly, a community with an aspiration towards social welfare.

Shreeya Champaneri

Stouffville, Ontario

Meet Shreeya: a T21U21 changemaker passionate about emerging tech and science. From starting initiatives to developing applications, Shreeya actively drives positive change through creative problem-solving. Beyond her academic pursuits, she enjoys meeting new people, giving back to the community, and expressing her artistic side through painting and dance. Through this platform, Shreeya looks forward to collaborating on innovative projects while empowering youth in STEM. Don’t hesitate to reach out and connect!

shreeya-headshot - Shreeya Champaneri.jpg
magnifylogo - Harnoor Dhaliwal.jpeg

Harnoor Dhaliwal

Surrey, British Columbia

Harnoor Dhaliwal will be starting her senior year of high school this fall. She is a firm believer in continuously taking action and taking small steps to work towards reaching goals. Additionally, she believes networking is the most crucial element in one's life that is often overlooked. As a result, she thinks an individual should start networking with others at a young age. As a mental health advocate, Harnoor serves as the Director of the global Magnify You Chapters Program. 

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