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The Socioeconomic Effects of
SARS-CoV-2 on Canadian Youth

October 2020

In 2020, Race to a Cure released a research study investigating the immediate effects of the pandemic on the youth demographic under two main categories: economic and social. The study’s data was collected via a randomized and anonymous google form survey, polling 105 Canadian students. Through the study, we mapped trends in productivity and anxiety regarding job prospects in Canadian students.

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COVID-19 Visualizations

September 2020

Seeing the general lack of knowledge surrounding the SARS-CoV-2 virus, Race to A Cure’s pandemic visualization taskforce conducted an extensive review of current information available on various topics of interest. The team investigated the availability of medical resources in Canadian hospitals, the correlating, testing and reporting of cases, and chronic illness patient protection. Collected datasets are presented in visual formats. 

Science Class
STEM Fellowship Program 2021

March 2021

The R2AC fellowship program is a comprehensive 2 month project designed to focus on the scientific development of high school fellows. Outstanding candidates who are seeking to expand leadership are selected to conduct research on a particular issue. The January 2021 fellowship program hosted 3 candidates at an education level from grade 9-10 to develop a toolkit on the development of schizophrenia in youth.