Social Department

Media Outreach

The Social Department is responsible for promoting R2AC’s content (including articles, vaccine updates, recruitment, events, and research studies) to Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn @racetoacure.

Research and Writing

The Social Department is responsible for researching and writing about social topics in the realms of social justice, humanitarianism, and lifestyle.

Social Initiatives

The Social Department is responsible for planning and executing projects that connect the organization to its followers through events, partnerships with other youth organizations, and one-on-one interactions.

Emily Nie

Hello! My name is Emily Nie and I’m from Mississauga, Ontario. In my spare time, I enjoy playing different sports, drawing, and listening to music. With all that has been going on recently I hope to bring some positivity and information to society through Race to a Cure. I’m super excited to work together with such like minded and motivated individuals!

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Michelle Lam

Hi! I’m Michelle Lam and I’m from Mississauga, Ontario. I just moved from Hong Kong to here in January and so far I love it! In my free time, I like doing any kinds of sports, cooking and FaceTime with my family. I would love to pursue a career in healthcare field such as physiotherapist or doctors. I am extremely glad to have this opportunity to do research for our organization and at the same time doing what I love. Personally, I am very optimistic and active. I am ecstatic to spread positive mindsets to cope with the unprecedented times. I am excited to be part of this wonderful organization to make an impact and work alongside a passionate team of individuals. Race To A Cure will achieve great things!

Maria Giroux

Hi y’all! I am Maria Giroux, I live in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, currently studying physics and women and gender studies at Acadia University. Throughout the course of the pandemic, I have witnessed a lot of fake news spread around social media, along with just a general air of negativity. That is why I decided to join R2AC as a columnist-my  goal is to provide people with positive news updates within the science field as to what is going on in the world, COVID-19 related, using my love for writing along with my passion for science and tech. Stay safe and wear a mask!

Graphics Team

Pritja Wahi
Graphic Designer
Ria Patel
Graphic Designer
Debbie Wang
Graphic Designer
Angela Wong
Graphic Artist
Karen Liu
Graphic Artist

Social Media Managers

Megan Ong
Sara Gehlaut
Rahma Osman

Social Researchers

Alizeh Qaiser
Idil Gure
Katrina Artes
Kelley Liang
Victoria Huang
Michelle Xiao