Race to a Cure x AlumNav University Webinar

August 2020

Race to a Cure partnered with AlumNav, a federally registered not-for-profit corporation offering free high school counselling and mentorship in Summer 2020. Together, we provided a two-day webinar featuring a Schulich Scholar and undergraduate students in the general sciences, health science, engineering, business, and computer science fields.

Chemistry Students

April 2021

STEMx is a five-day long camp hosted in April 2021 geared towards students from grades seven to nine. During the camp, students get the opportunity to participate in engaging STEM workshops, learn from industry professionals, and expand their knowledge concerning health issues. The first four of the five days each focus on a specific area of STEM, where students work on case studies with experienced mentors and their fellow peers. Students will present their work to their parents and other campers on the last day: presentation day. Sign ups are open now, and we would love to have you as a camper!