Human Resources

Internationalize Programs

The Human Resources Department is responsible researching ways promote and provide Race to a Cure’s resources sources internationally, as well as recruit new members domestically and internationally.

Internal Management

The Human Resources Department is responsible for keeping track of the activities of all members apart of Race to a Cure, as well as  handling all finance related duties. 

External Outreach

The Human Resources Department is responsible for reaching out externally for potential grants, partners and sponsors.

Risheena Banerji

Hi! My name is Risheena Banerji, and I’m from Brampton, Ontario. Although these are tough times, I’m thrilled to be a part of this remarkable team of talented, goal-driven individuals, who are looking to inspire and create positive change! I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with Race to A Cure and spreading reliable information, and optimism to youth across Canada!

Risheena Banerji.jpg

Jacob Farrell

Hi there! My name’s Jacob, I’m from Marystown, NL, and I am so excited to be a part of R2AC! I’m an avid reader, history enthusiast, and an award-winning actor and singer! I joined because I viewed R2AC as a group of gifted and talented youth who were ready to make a change in such a time of need. I knew instantly that this was an organization that I could take pride in being a part of. I plan on using my leadership skills to assist our HR department to achieve goals, produce outstanding results, and work harmoniously as a team. I am also looking forward to areas in which this executive position will allow me to learn and grow as a student, a friend and a global citizen. 

The Internal Affairs Officers


The External Affairs/Outreach Officers


The Finance Officer