Science Department

COVID-19 Updates

One of the primary responsibilities of the science department is to keep a running counter of relevant COVID-19 updates. This can range from the newest leaps and bounds in vaccine development, to new technologies created to aid the lives of individuals during the pandemic.

Research and Writing

The science team is responsible for releasing several weekly articles about scientific projects and developments in regards to COVID-19 and other disease areas; the team also engages in research studies organizational-wide.

Scientific Initiatives

Informational events and activities with an emphasis on STEM are designed by the science department to engage the R2AC audience and provide students with useful scientific information in an interactive format.

Palak Agarwal

My name is Palak Agarwal and I’m from Mississauga, Ontario. In my free time, I like to cook, spend time with my family or friends, or go for a run! As someone who aspires to be a leader in the data-science industry someday, I am extremely glad I have the opportunity to explore my passion today by researching and blogging for our organizations. Even more, I am ecstatic about working with like-minded students from all across Canada on this project. Race To A Cure has great potential and I cannot wait to accomplish all that we have planned!

Rahma O.jpg

Sara Gehlaut

Hi! My name is Sara Gehlaut and I am from Toronto, Ontario. I love working at Race To A Cure because of its awesome team of ambitious and creative teenagers spanning across Canada! In my free time, I love to volunteer within my community and watch Bollywood movies as well as Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Some of my interests include science, math, global affairs, and just learning new things! Through Race to A Cure, I hope to promote its beautiful mission of spreading positivity to young leaders.

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Rahma Osman

Hi! My name is Rahma Osman, and I’m from Toronto, Ontario.  With all of the crazy things going on in the world right now, I am glad I can make a small change in the right direction through Race to A Cure! When I’m not looking for a new research project to take on, you can find me learning a new language or checking out a new recipe! I am an active DECA Trainer and heavily involved in supporting student success in my work with student startups and mental health initiatives.


The Scientific Researchers


 The Assistant Scientific Researchers