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Oddly Specific Playlists for Oddly Specific Moods

Spotify is my Eden. I use it every single day. It creates playlists specifically for you based on the music you listen to. It gives you music recommendations based on what you already enjoy listening to. How are we not talking about this more? There are millions of playlists to choose from, and I’m not talking about the ones crafted by Spotify’s editorial teamI'm talking about the ones Spotify users create themselves. They put together playlists that are just so personal and relatable. In fact, there's a playlist for practically any and every mood or situation that you could ever find yourself in.

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I have selected a few bizarrely specific moods and moments, and included a few playlists that fit them perfectly. I have gone through every song on every playlist to make sure they are the best fit for each category. Enjoy!

*Click on the title of any playlist to be taken directly to the playlist on Spotify.

1. You've just finished school and you’re either... a) feeling relieved that it’s over, b) feeling good about your day and you’re just so happy, or c) stressed out and want to scream

“Alternative and indie songs I used to listen when I returned home from school”

The vibes in this playlist are immaculate! This playlist is such a good way to feel better after a long day of school. I would also recommend listening to it after you finish your homework because of the good vibes you’ll get when you finally have time for yourself. This playlist is upbeat and has really great underground music, which is common when it comes to the alternative and indie genre. I would match this playlist with mood a). Honestly, each of these playlists are fantastic for any of the moods. You won’t be let down by these picks.

“Home from school”

When I was listening to this playlist after a day of online school, I just sat on my couch with my eyes closed. This playlist is best for mood b). Even if nothing specific made you happy but that’s what you’re feeling nonetheless, then this playlist properly embodies that. What I love about this playlist is that I barely recognized any of the songs. There are no overplayed songs from the radio we're all tired of those. You’ll feel like you’re in a Coming of Age movie. Seriously, that’s how good the songs are in this playlist.

“Walking home from school”

This upbeat and laid back playlist is perfect for when you’re walking home after school or when you’re on the bus ride home. You may recognize a few of the songs in this playlist, but rest assured that they are absolute bops mixed with new music that you won’t recognize. This playlist is incredible if you feel like singing along, because who doesn’t sing along when Love Story by Taylor Swift starts playing? It's also super upbeat to match the energy you’re feeling if your mood is c).

2. So you caught feelings... what now?

"So you caught feelings"

When I listen to this playlist, it really gives me this “I need to do my homework, but I can’t stop thinking about this person” energy. I actually listen to this one a lot; not that I have caught feelings like the title says, but because I don’t recognize most of the songs and it’s very laid back. I listen to it when I’m doing work or reading. 

“Falling in love vibe”

This is actually one of my playlists and it’s full of songs that make you want to fall in love. I designed it to be slow and chill, so it’s perfect for leaving on in the background or for doing homework. The songs are more of the “stare at the ceiling in complete darkness or with your LED lights on” vibe. You’ll understand when you listen to the playlist.

“Talk is overrated”

Every song on this playlist is so relaxing. The queue flows together and isn’t abrupt. It's a perfect playlist to play when you’re around that special person, but you don’t know what to say to them. The main genres are pop and alternative rock. I listen to this playlist all the time; it's so peaceful to leave it on when you’re out on a walk or in the background if you’re doing something. 

“Music to hold hands to”

I imagine these songs playing in the background of a scene in a movie where the main character is with their love interest and they’re both in love with each other, but they’re still too shy to say anything. This playlist is easygoing and blissful. It’s happy and full of underground artists and songs. I really recommend this one.

3. That Wattpad kinda vibe

“Reading a Draco Malfoy enemies to lovers, slow-burn Wattpad story”

If imagery was a playlist it would be this one. I made this one. I really love this playlist because it’s so specific, but it makes sense when you listen to it. You don’t specifically need to be reading a Wattpad story about Draco Malfoy, but it helps. It’s a really good playlist for when you're reading fanfiction and you’re falling in love with one of the characters. There are a few pop songs, but you won’t hate them, I promise. Just click shuffle, open Wattpad, and you’re good to go. 

“Y/n but it's a slow-burn relationship with George Weasley”

Yes, I know, another Harry Potter character playlist. But here’s the thing, it really doesn’t need to be about the incredible George Weasley. It’s what’s within the playlist that really matters. The title only adds some more detail, imagination, and background. This one reminds me of the “cottage-core” aesthetic. It’s a very cute playlist to listen to while you’re reading.

“Sad songs to listen to while reading Wattpad”

I can’t emphasize enough just how sad this playlist is. It can be heartbreaking or heartwarming, but no in-between.

“Writing Fanfiction”

There are a lot of great songs in this pick. There are so many different emotions in this playlist because when you’re writing a story, you need to have a variety of characteristics in your characters. This playlist really defines that. The energy changes throughout the songs, but not in a bad way. I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re reading an actual novel, but I think it’s perfect when reading fanfiction. 

4. I need something to listen to, but no lyrics, or else I’ll get distracted won’t get any work done

“All Nighter”

This is a playlist from the Spotify editorial team, but it’s actually really nice to listen to. It definitely reminds me of that Lofi live music that plays on Youtube. It’s called “All Nighter,” which is a perfect name because it’s upbeat enough to give you the energy to finish your work. 

“Rap Beats & Freestyle Instrumentals 2020”

There is a lot of variety in this playlist which I think you'll enjoy. There’s trap, Lofi, old school hip-hop, 808, hip-hop, chill, and freestyle beats. It’s not incredibly aggressive or loud, so it won't distract you from your work or give you a headache. Even for those of you who aren’t a fan of hip-hop, I think you'll still enjoy it. 

5. Feeling all high and mighty because you are

“Robbing a bank and moving to a small island in the Caribbean”

There are many genres in this playlist. From ABBA to Drake, these songs perfectly embody the feeling of rebelling and doing whatever you want. The playlist is definitely energetic and a confidence booster. Please note that we do not condone any illegal activity and we do not recommend doing it either. 

"High and Mighty"

This one goes to all the rock and punk rock music fans. I’m not even a fan of rock music, but the energy this playlist gives me is incredible. You’ll definitely feel powerful when you hit shuffle on this one. The songs make you feel like the impulsive and aggressive character when it comes down to something important, like robbing a bank. 

“Kick-down-the-door kinda vibe”

This playlist is more laid back than the other two. It’s upbeat, with a variety of chill songs that will make you feel rebellious and sly. To be really specific, the playlist’s energy makes you feel like the character in the movies who plans every detail of the jewelry heist instead of being impulsive. Another possibility could be that you run this large law firm and you’re the smart and charming character that takes care of everyone’s messes because you’re the only one that can do it. 

Final Note

I hope you enjoy listening to these playlists I’ve picked out, and I hope this article gave you an idea of what they have to offer! If you don’t already have a Spotify account, here is a link to getting Spotify Premium free for 1 month. Happy listening!

Article author: Alizeh Qaiser

Article editors: Sherilyn Wen, Stephanie Sahadeo