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Let's Appreciate Our Teachers

While moving to E-learning has been tough on students, it has been equally difficult for teachers as well. The transition from real life classes sharing witty banter with students and having access to ample school equipment/space (such as whiteboards, labs and gyms) to quiet and empty online classes has been unimaginably dismal.

Despite this, many teachers have set aside their own privation in order to cater to their students’ needs. They have extended deadlines, offered private sessions to catch up, opened up communication methods, provided extra resources, given advice, boosted marks, offered self-care tips, and entertained students to the best of their ability.

Every teacher has over 30 students, yet still try and support every individual. 

This link brings you to AE Musical Covers’ (on YouTube) “Teachers are our Heroes”: a 3-minute teacher appreciation week video that thanks our teachers for all they do, featuring dozens of students from across Canada.

Teachers have expressed their feelings towards the difficulty with technology, with working in new constraints and with the loneliness that occurs when they do not see their students daily. That being said, as the 2019-2020 school year comes to a close, let this article and her video serve as a reminder of some of the most significant people in our lives and how we should treat them. 

Check in with your teachers, send them emails and pop into their calls. They miss you and they’re trying their best to understand you.

All photos are courtesy of Allison Wang, a student from Earl of March Secondary School in Ottawa, Ontario. 

Article Contributors: Linda Duong, Olivia Ye