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Learn what this group of students did to increase the spread of positivity!

In the midst of a global crisis, it can feel as if the world has been engulfed by tragedy. Each passing day seems to bring more bad news, while fear and uncertainty weigh among the hearts of many. This can take a toll on one’s mental health, but students taking an Organizational Effectiveness course at Brigham Young University decided to combat this issue and spread positivity. Thus emerged the COVID-19 10-Day Positivity Challenge! For a group project, these innovative students at the BYU Marriott School of Business used course concepts to create this uplifting challenge. We encourage our readers to take the COVID-19 10-Day Positivity Challenge! Why not start today?

To read more on this powerful project and the science behind “contagious positivity,” visit https://www.deseret.com/opinion/2020/5/3/21241558/covid-19-10-day-positivity-challenge-college-students. Make sure to check out the article above and visit the BYU Twitter account! We encourage you to keep in mind; social isolation stops the spread of COVID-19, but not the infectious spread of positivity!

Article Contributors: Victoria Huang, Edie Whittington