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How to Make Reading More Fun

Reading has recently picked up popularity once again if you’ve been active on social media such as TikTok. Booktok, a term users have created for others to learn about novels they have read, has been trending recently. From book reviews to readers discussing their favourite characters in the comment section, youth are getting into new series’ and sharing them with others everywhere. In addition, teens are purchasing books and filling up their shelves, turning them into their own personal library. Of course, reading is an enjoyable and serious hobby for some. Still, for those who may have trouble getting to reading, whether it’s a series or a standalone book, there are ways to make reading enjoyable for you, personally. It does not matter whether you are a frequent reader, a new reader, or are in a reading slump; there are many things out there that will pull you into the stories within the pages of your current or new read.

Scratch-off Book Posters

This item is quite straightforward. It’s a poster that allows you to scratch off small squares to reveal a book cover for you to read. It’s a wonderful idea for new readers who aren’t sure where to start and can help them find the most enjoyable genre. With a diverse selection of novels, you’ll never know what book you’re about to reveal with these posters.

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Sticky Notes and Tabs to Annotate

Annotating as you read is a popular way readers connect to the story and characters in their books. Everyone annotates differently, and it’s up to you to decide what you want to remember either the next time you read the book or when you go back to the page.

An idea for you is to actually write on the page your reaction to specific lines or chapters. I know this is a ‘controversial’ topic, just like how some people prefer to crack the spines of their paperback books while others would instead hold the book at an awkward angle to prevent any creasing on their precious cover. I am the person that strongly dislikes cracks and creases on their books.

Another annotating idea is to purchase fun tabs that aren’t the standard neon coloured tabs you get from the office supplies store. If you’re Canadian, Chapters/Indigo carries adorable and subtle tabs. If you’re American, Barnes & Noble would also carry these types of items.

Image is courtesy of Pinterest.

Image is courtesy of Pinterest.

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Ideas for Annotating

  • Reactions to dialogue between characters

  • Plot twists

  • Parts you laughed at

  • Parts you cried at

  • Parts that gave you butterflies

  • Use different colours for:

  • Character descriptions

  • Setting

  • Likes/dislikes

  • Foreshadowing

  • Ideas from previous point

I have recently discovered the existence of clear sticky notes that you can write on and still be able to see the text underneath. This is a perfect idea for readers similar to myself who prefer not to write directly onto the pages.

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Create Your Own Book Jackets

For all the creative artists and designers out there, creating your book jackets for your hardcovers makes it your own. Fold a paper, so it fits the spine and the inner folds of your book. Then, redesign the cover by either printing an image from your computer or design it by hand with paint or markers.

Custom ‘Harry Potter’ series dust jackets (Pinterest).

Custom ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ series dust jackets (Eli Draws).

Book Nooks

For the readers with books that fill their shelves, you can brighten up your bookshelves with hidden worlds between your stacks of books. Using a small box or casing that comes along when you purchase a set of books from a series, design a mini world using small items you can find at your local craft store and dollar store. I have seen people create a London, Narnia, and Harry Potter themed book nook. You can make as many as you want, as long as all your books will fit afterwards!

Image is courtesy of BuzzFeed.

Image is courtesy of Totally the Bomb.

Hopefully these ideas get you excited to read and expand your interest in reading. You can get incredibly creative and individualistic with these ideas. Please remember that it doesn’t matter what people think about how you annotate, what you read, or what you enjoy, as long as you have fun reading these stories and connecting to the world of characters - that is all that matters. Happy reading!

Article Author: Alizeh Qaiser

Article Editors: Victoria Huang, Stephanie Sahadeo