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Here’s to the Class of 2021!

June. For many, this is a time of nice weather and eager anticipation for summer vacation. But, for High School Seniors, this is a time to close one chapter of their lives and open another.

It has been over a year now since the COVID-19 virus was declared a pandemic. The Class of 2020 also graduated amidst the pandemic chaos; will the fate of the Class of 2021 be similar? Last year, there was little knowledge about the virus and its spread and unconfident responses when the idea of a potential vaccine was brought up. But today, vaccine roll-outs have been taking place across the country, and there might be a bit more hope for in-person events over virtual ones, but it all depends on one’s geographic location.

In Ontario, lockdown measures have been extended till June 2nd, after which there is hope for leeway when it comes to outdoor gatherings. But what to do if you’re stuck at home, ending your high school career in front of your laptop? High school was definitely a challenge, and you’ve made it through–HOORAY! That is definitely worth a celebration, so here are some ideas of activities to do in lieu of normal grad events (if they have been cancelled):

  1. Host a drive-in event, whether it be at a friend’s house, a communal (yet spacious) area, or your school! Get all dressed up for your special day, and be able to interact with others at a safe distance.

  2. Create a digital album! The past few years have definitely been memorable ones, so create a token for all your peers to look back on during the next years of your life. This album can be filled with photos, videos, quotes, and more and will be a timeless keepsake.

  3. Host a virtual dinner party! This can be with a small group of friends, family, or even your graduating class. You can even take it up a notch by cooking a meal together beforehand, or ordering takeout from your favourite restaurant or food place, maybe one that fostered your high school memories.

  4. Decorate your surroundings! Throw some confetti, blow up some balloons, and make your home feel more festive! After all, you are graduating, so get into the party spirit with some DIY or store-bought decorations.

  5. Send care packages to your friends! This can be filled with memorabilia (stickers, school merchandise), a tasty treat, a heartfelt note, or more. These can be customized to fit various needs and are a great way to celebrate an important milestone with others.

Please note: all ideas should be executed while keeping in mind the COVID-19 protocols of your respective regions.

Around the world, different countries have also been able to hold their own graduation events in different ways, all depending on their current pandemic status, according to Insidehighered. While some places have been able to hold in-person ceremonies, others have been restricted to online ceremonies, usually happening through platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Let me end with a special message from our Team at R2AC. Once again, congratulations to all graduates!

Hey High School Seniors!! As we near the end of June, we are approaching our final days of High School. The pandemic has certainly altered what a normal graduating year would look like, with Proms and In-person Grad Ceremonies being edited to fit the current pandemic restrictions. And I’m sure senioritis has kicked in for many of you. With that being said, our team at Race To A Cure would like to congratulate you on your immense success! Graduating high school is a big feat in itself, and doing so during the pandemic demonstrates your resilience and perseverance during this time. Whether you are deciding to pursue post-secondary education, take a gap year, or partake in other activities, we wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Here’s to the Class of 2021!

Article Author: Asima Hudani

Article Editors: Stephanie Sahadeo, Victoria Huang


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