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Halifax to Beirut with Love

On August 4th, the Beirut Port experienced a devastating explosion that left hundreds killed, thousands injured, and even more people displaced from their points of security. This explosion affected individuals across the world, whose thoughts were immediately drawn towards the safety of their friends and family who lived in the affected area of the explosion. 

When 17-year old Jaden Lawen heard the news, he knew that he had to do something. As a proud Lebanese-Canadian citizen from Halifax, Nova Scotia, he started to contact his friends and family in Lebanon. He only realized the severity of the situation after receiving news and photos of his friends who had been injured and were in hospital.

His wish was to go to Lebanon physically and help in any way possible, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately that was not possible. He decided to channel his passion for his country and eagerness to help out in a different way.

In order to help rebuild Beirut, Jaden established Halifax to Beirut with Love, a fundraiser in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross. All funds collected go towards humanitarian aid. As of now, Jaden has raised $94,000, and he does not intend on stopping there. To move forward, he says that he wants to, “raise as much awareness and funds as possible,” for Beirut.

Images from aftermath of explosion. Courtesy

of Jaden Lawen.

To other individuals who are looking to help out, Jaden encourages them to use their voices and advocate. Additionally, he is willing to work with anyone who wants to help out or donate toward humanitarian aid for Lebanon, as he has connections with many Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) in the country. He encourages others to join him and his cause by donating to the Canadian Red Cross, promoting this initiative, and always keeping Beirut in their Images from aftermath of explosion.


Jaden, on a previous trip to Lebanon. Courtesy of Jaden Lawen.

Interested in helping out? Check out the Halifax to Beirut with Love website to learn more about Jaden’s cause and journey, and to how to donate!


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Article Author : Asima Hudani

Article Editor : Edie Whittington, Victoria Huang