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Fashion Trends of 2021

With the continued lockdown, many people have been restricted from shopping in their local stores and malls; they have instead opted for online shopping, an activity that has resulted in 3.5 trillion dollars of e-commerce sales worldwide in 2019, 4.2 trillion in 2020, and is expected to reach 4.9 trillion in 2021. Looking to get on the coolest fashion trends of 2021? Fear not! The next time you decide to go online shopping, here are some up and coming fashion trends to add to your shopping cart!

Quick Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only, and all trends mentioned are from popular fashion blogs and websites. No trends mentioned in this article are guaranteed to be accurate, they are just what is being predicted based on current trends, so please keep that in mind!

Matching Pairs

In the past, matching sets have mostly been for loungewear and pyjamas as a comfy and stylish combination. In 2021, you may expect to see matching sets return in a more formal style. Matching pantsuits, which would include bottoms and a blazer, have come into style!

Statement Sleeves

Looking for a way to amplify your current blouse selections? Well look no further, since statement sleeves are here for your business casual and formal closet. Incoming styles range from balloon sleeves to oversized ruffles, and they are both fashionable and functional!

Image courtesy of Edward Berthelot via Getty Images.

Sweater Vests

These clothing items were once a nightmare for students who were required to wear uniforms at school, but now tends in a much more stylish way. These vests are great accessories to enhance a basic look!

The Shacket

Never heard of a shacket? Evidently from its name, a shacket is the crossover between a shirt and a jacket; essentially, it is a piece of clothing styled like a jacket, but made of shirt-like material (which is thinner than a regular jacket) which allows it to be an ideal layering piece.

Oversized Shirt Jacket (H&M).

Office Wear + Athleisure Suits

With so many people working from home, this newest trend provides a balance between formal office wear and comfy workout clothes to create ideal work-from-home outfits. Such types of suits are more flowy to provide comfort, with wide bottoms made out of a mix of sportswear fabrics such as nylon.

Image courtesy of Edward Berthelot via Getty Images.

The Early 2000s Baguette Handbag

The one of a kind 2000s bags, which are shaped similar to an elongated half circle (or baguette) with a short strap are back in style! They can come in a variety of colours and designs, which is perfect as the final accessory to any outfit, no matter the occasion.

Patchwork Denim

There are always some types of jeans in style – from wide leg to mom jeans – but what about some colour? Patchwork Jeans are in, and they can come in a variety of colourful collages, whether you purchase them from your favourite online shop or DIY them yourselves!

Dark Patchwork Ripped Denim Jeans (Etsy).

Trench Coats

A basic jacket perfect for various weathers, and it even creates a statement! Looking for a more unique trench coat? Trendy and upcoming styles include trench coats with drop waists, interesting slits, dramatic lapels, or bold sleeves.

Flower Power

Florals are in! These motifs could be part of any piece of clothing – from pants to sweaters to dresses too. Floral designs are so diverse, but the ones predicted to be more popular this year include sunny yellows, neon tulips, and the use of shades of pinks!

Button Down Front Floral Embroidery Cardigan (Shein).

Tie Dye

This trend first hit its peak during the summer of 2020, and it’s back again for 2021! From colourful DIY tie dye tees to maxi dresses and sweatsuits that hit every colour of the rainbow, tie dye is truly a unique way to bring all your favourite colours into one beautiful (and sometimes bougie) outfit.

What trends do you agree with? Are there any trends that surprised you? Whether you’ve already hopped on some of these trends or are looking to start, just remember that fashion is always changing, and there is never any ‘correct’ style to wear. Be yourself, and remember to purchase clothes that make you feel and express yourself the best!


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Article Author: Asima Hudani

Article Editors: Victoria Huang, Sherilyn Wen