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Dating Amidst COVID-19

Since COVID-19 swept across the globe, much has changed. Due to the many new rules limiting social interaction, we have realized the importance of social connection.

Dating during the pandemic seems to be impossible with all the social distancing rules. However, coronavirus doesn’t have to cancel romance! So, how do you adapt to the new normal? This article will provide ideas and tips for couples in quarantine!

Here is a guide that summarizes important new dating rules:

  • Choose virtual dates

  • Check local transmission rates

  • Ask about pandemic precautions

  • Get tested to prior to intimacy

Next are some events that will allow you to go on dates, either with your current partner or when finding a new partner, while ensuring safety!

Meet virtually

To cope with social distancing rules, we now resort to meeting virtually, despite the challenge of feeling close and connected without actually meeting. However, whether you are in a long-distance relationship or only a temporary long-distance relationship under current circumstances, you can still have fun with these great ideas!

  • Have a dance party! As bars and nightclubs are forced to shut down, the new hottest clubs are booming on the Internet. Take turns being the DJ and set up good lighting to pump up the atmosphere and dance your way into each other's hearts. You can even learn a dance together using popular apps such as TikTok!

  • Cook dinner "together." Find a recipe you both want to try and turn on a virtual meeting to cook together. This activity can serve as a type of challenge as well. Set up romantic lighting with candles and dimmed light to enjoy your final product together.

  • Have an evening pillow talk. Wear your pajamas, lie on the bed, and set your device next to you. Do anything you like as long as you feel comfortable. You can even close your eyes or do something private.

  • Play an online game together. Take the pressure of fancy dates off by playing a good old-fashioned game. You don't even have to think about any conversation starters—the games will be entertainment enough! Consider playing an escape room. Potterheads, click this link for a Harry Potter-themed escape room.

  • Get sweaty together. There are many new fitness influencers sharing workout experiences. It may not be the same as doing it together, but you can have a virtual shower afterward.

  • Watch Netflix. Nothing is better than a movie night. Binge a TV show or movie and enjoy popcorn. Chill and relax after a long day.

Have a long walk

If you are choosing to meet safely in-person, consider doing a socially-distanced walk or hike! Sometimes, humans need a closer connection—a special spark to know whether a relationship works. Due to the pandemic, we must rely on outdoor activities to meet people in person. Walking and hiking are perfect activities where you can talk, exercise, and get some fresh air while staying physically distanced.

Have a picnic by the candlelight

During this time, restaurants may not be open, and romantic dining experiences may seem impossible. Instead, spread a blanket out with tons of homemade goodies or takeaway meals at an empty park or beach! You can even catch a sunset or an early sunrise with breakfast. Make sure you keep 6 feet apart from strangers. If your partner is not apart of your immediate social circle, distribute the food beforehand, wear a mask when you are not eating, and maintain social distancing. This activity may not be possible during winter, but it is an excellent option during warmer weather and sunny days!

Check on dating apps

If you’re single right now, how can you find a new partner? Through dating apps! Some of the world’s most popular dating apps feature in-app video chat, real-time virtual events, and gamification features. Here are some examples that are available for both iOS and Android. Kippo allows you to focus on self-expression and authentic connection with users by getting to know each other over video games. Coffee Meets Bagel is an app that sends you a few “bagels” a day known as a potential match’s profile. If you like your bagel and they also like you, you will connect and be able to message one another. This app also offers specific preference options to narrow down your preferences to certain religious beliefs. Besides, check out this link for the best dating apps in 2020.

Be patient and creative

Pandemic dating is vastly different from everyday life. A recent survey shows that approximately one in five participants (20.3%) reported making a new addition to their sex life since the pandemic began. Most of the time, COVID-19 has slowed down the dating speed due to the lack of physical activity; however, you can use this opportunity to get to know each other at a much deeper level than before with constant chats and conversation.

Be considerate

Some partners may live with their parents and are concerned about transmitting the virus to them. If they do not want to go out for a date, it does not mean they do not value the relationship. Ask your partners about their pandemic precautions. If close contact is essential, you can make the sacrifice of self-quarantining for two weeks before going to their house. In real life, a relationship takes sacrifice to work.

Humans are social creatures, and we will find ways to continue dating. Romantic love will never die, despite the current unprecedented situations out there. Try these options and make some alterations on your own. Remember to stay physically distanced, optimistic and social!


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Featured image is courtesy of Unsplash.

Article Author: Michelle Lam

Article Editors: Victoria Huang, Olivia Ye