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Community During Covid

Communities and Relationships

During the pandemic, health officials emphasized the importance of community, hence the maxim “physical distancing” and not “social distancing.” As social beings, fostering healthy social connections improve our health holistically. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association and the International Journal of Older People Nursing respectively, these healthy relationships rarely fail to improve our mental health and strengthen our immune system, which allows us to continue to flourish in health adversities. After all these lockdowns and restrictions, does "community" have the same meaning it had prior to the pandemic? How do individuals maintain healthy, social relationships during the pandemic? Is it possible? Or is it too tedious?

Unfortunately, throughout the pandemic, it has undoubtedly been difficult to connect with the community. Many individuals have adapted and found technological advances useful for connecting with the community during the pandemic.

Community and Children

Health professionals have also touched upon the difficulty of following up with school. These social connections have been found to aid with the academic and physical growth and development of children.

Keeping in touch with communities may be difficult to maintain, but community connections are essential if one is wishing to achieve a healthy and social lifestyle. It is up to you to discover the most effective ways to communicate. And if you’re wondering, yes, this is where you can benefit from technology and social media. Experiment with novel methods, or resort to current or previous methods if you prefer those. Some ideas to inspire you include playing online games, watching a movie, video calling, going for a social-distanced walk or jog, and/or attending social events.

Although we have transformed our communication methods to facilitate the process of connecting with our communities during the pandemic, we have remained true to our roots. Community is still a haven of support, trust, and loyalty. Unique individuals unite together to support each other through their similar interests and values. Each individual is always there for one another, especially during hardships and adversities.

Article Author: Michelle Xiao

Article Editors: Stephanie Sahadeo, Valerie Shirobokov