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Scientific News

For months, scientists have been conducting studies on COVID-19 in the hopes of formulating an effective vaccine to fight off the virus. But what about the body’s own immune system? Do recovered COVID-19 patients develop an immunity against the virus, even if they only displayed mild symptoms? From antibodies to the idea of “immunity passports,” there is potential that immune system recognition could create the ability to prevent secondary infections after already having fought the virus off.

With an alarming increase in COVID-19 cases as of late, we are at a much greater risk of experiencing a second wave. Early testing enables us to mitigate community transmission, thus helping with stopping the spread.

From a young person’s point of view, the entire process of testing for the virus may seem unapproachable, and maybe even a little scary. Knowing when you should get tested, what to expect in terms of testing, how exactly they check for the virus, as well as being familiar with common testing jargon all play important parts in keeping you safe and informed.

Social Initiatives

Prior to the pandemic, many students across Canada used libraries frequently, for borrowing books, studying, learning, and more. Now, however, libraries have been closed for a while, and are now beginning to open back up in many provinces. In this article, we list the different services available at public libraries in multiple provinces and provide resources for more in-depth information regarding specific libraries. We’ve also explained some things to keep in mind when going to a library to keep yourself and others safe, such as researching which books are available beforehand, or using the curbside pick-up service, if possible, to limit the time you spend at your library.

On August 4th, the Beirut Port experienced a devastating explosion that left hundreds killed, thousands injured, and even more people displaced from their points of security. This explosion affected individuals across the world, whose thoughts were immediately drawn towards the safety of their friends and family who lived in the affected area of the explosion. 


When 17-year old Jaden Lawen heard the news, he knew that he had to do something. As a proud Lebanese-Canadian citizen from Halifax, Nova Scotia, he started to contact his friends and family in Lebanon. He only realized the severity of the situation after receiving news and photos of his friends who had been injured and were in hospital.

Allison Wang, Linda Duong, Sherilyn Wen, Jasmin An, Edward Wang, Grace Wu, Isabelle Ngo, and Adrienne Liu are 8 high school students from Ottawa, Ontario. They all go to school in different parts of the city, but they are connected by one thing: Auxilium.


Auxilium is a federally registered non-profit peer mentorship service based in Ottawa, Ontario, whose vision is to create an interactive platform for students to become community leaders. By providing students with volunteer opportunities, a valuable network, and educational and mental health resources, Auxilium aims to assist students in creating a positive and lasting academic and social change in society.


This article is an interview and a story with the founders of Auxilium, written from the perspective of Linda Duong—a coordinator at the non-profit. Read about what inspired the start of this initiative, what prompted the founders to join, the importance of mentorship in a student’s life, and more.

To sign up for Auxilium’s Peer Mentorship Program as either a mentor or a mentee, use this link.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for countless businesses, as sales fell for what used to be commonly bought products, while the demand for pandemic essentials, like masks, medical equipment, and hand sanitizer skyrocketed. As a result, many companies shifted their efforts to cater to the new needs of consumers and began manufacturing products that help those infected as well as reduce the spread of COVID-19. In this article, we’ve explained how some of these major companies have followed this shift. Some of these include the company Bauer, primarily a hockey equipment manufacturer, that turned to make face shields, and large car companies, like Tesla and Ford, who have started producing ventilators. In this way, businesses have adapted to the rapid change of our global situation by producing what is most needed, and have thus helped millions of people.

What comes with creativity, perseverance, teamwork, determination, and a group of seniors? A cross-country walking group! 

Marion Rogers, a senior living in an elderly residence home in Calgary, noted that "people living in the residence were getting a little squirrely. We needed a little something to lighten our spirits." After being granted permission, Marion Rogers and a few others began a virtual, cross-country walking group named the Marda Loopers. They began by measuring their steps each week and converting them to kilometres. Now, they have virtually travelled to the Alberta borders to the south, east and west. At the moment, they have a goal of reaching the equivalent distance of the west and east coast of Canada. 

Masks are one of our primary means of defence against Covid- 19. Aside from its designed medical purpose, however, masks are now being used as a form of human expression worldwide. Museums across the globe have started to immortalize and document the different personal touches, and significances that different mask designs can have. From activism and raising awareness on social injustice, to artistic freedom and intricate designs, masks have evolved to become a symbol of the human experience, and the stories that we have to tell.


We’ve transformed an object that used to connote lack of emotion, and an absence of identity, into a form of connection, and newfound creativity.

Cougars Against Cancer is a youth-led platform that aims to raise awareness for cancer, by providing youth with resources, opportunities, and a network to broaden their horizons in the world of cancer and oncology. Cougars Against Cancer will be hosting a webinar every day from October 5th to 9th at 4:30-5:30pm EST, which will offer academic advice for students interested in oncology and health science, in addition to gaining perspective on social issues surrounding the disease. This article is an interview with Sherilyn, Shaoni, Debbie, and Emilie—the Cougars Against Cancer team. Learn a bit about these four passionate students, what prompted their involvement, Cougars Against Cancer’s upcoming webinar event, and resources to support cancer patients and cancer research. Almost everyone knows someone with cancer, be it a family member, a neighbour, a co-worker, or a friend. Accordingly, it is important to understand the disease and how to support those affected by it. Check out @cougarsagainstcancer on Instagram to learn more.



As people all over the world begin to go back to their “normal” lives, ensuring that transportation is safe and efficient is vital to preventing a second wave of COVID-19. Whether you drive your own vehicle, take public transport, or need to book a flight for a business trip, following safety precautions is a must in order to protect yourself and those around you. Make sure to wear a mask or face covering in public settings, practice physical distancing, and wash your hands regularly.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential in supporting your physical and mental needs. During the current pandemic, it is important to prioritize what your body needs whether it be rest, exercise or social interaction. In this article, we will be sharing some tips on how to develop a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, routine and exercise. Along with taking precautions to reduce the risk of COVID-19, there are many components to leading a healthful lifestyle.

The new school year has begun for all Canadian students. We know that getting back into the swing of things can be difficult, especially with our current situation. The adaptive learning models implemented nation-wide has left many students feeling uneasy, and unsure. Building a routine is key in creating a feeling of stability, maximizing productivity, as well as replenishing energy. We've compiled ideas on how to build a healthy school routine, and included some tools that will assist you in doing so!

With things getting back to normal, our all-too-familiar hectic schedules have once again returned. Because of this, you might find yourself constantly reaching in the fridge for comforting food to suppress negative emotions. This is called emotional eating. Is it bad? Not necessarily. It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed at times, and eating can be a way to take a break and cope with difficult feelings. However, it shouldn’t be something you depend on to push those feelings away. If you find the habit creating problems in your daily life, know that there are ways to combat it without compromising your mental or physical health. It’s important to nourish yourself when you need it, but finding a balance is key.

Habits are tasks and behaviors that you do and repeat on a day to day basis, sometimes subconsciously where your habits have been formed for years. This could include brushing your teeth when you wake up, skipping breakfast, or just watching Netflix when you get home. There are three types of habits; Positive, Negative and systemic. It can be difficult to  form new habits, but it is so satisfying when you do! 


Learn more about the science behind routine and structure and how you can form long lasting habits. With school starting back up again, now is the perfect time to successfully integrate new habits into your productive lifestyle.

As one of the most effective ways to limit the spread of COVID-19, mask wearing has become the “new normal” across the world. But what is the proper way to wear a mask? What are the different types of masks one can wear? Mask fashion—what could that possibly look like? There is much mask-related information that you may not yet know. In this article, take a crash course on all you need to know about masks! Read about the do’s and don’ts of mask wearing, the many different types of masks that can be worn, and the greatest mask fashion trends across the world! From bedazzled masks, to athletic masks, to luxury Gucci masks, there is certainly something for all. Next time you go shopping, make sure to take a look at all the mask varieties stores have to offer. Happy mask shopping!

Race To A Cure has officially launched a new initiative: Student Success Box! Run by our very own social department, our goal is to provide tips and advice to help YOU succeed both in school and outside. Our very first Student Success Box article focuses on time management and productivity, covering everything from studying tips, productivity apps, and other techniques to help you stay focused.

We’ll be publishing more articles like these in the future, so stay on the lookout for that!

With the variety of things that we now have to worry about as schools reopen during a global pandemic, exercise may have become less important to students across Canada. However, we need to remember that physical activity should remain a priority for youth, as it has so many benefits for our health; it can improve your mental health, decrease your risk of various diseases, and can even improve your judgement skills. 


This article helps you understand why exercise is crucial, and how you can get back into exercising every day. It also includes some of the most effective and fun ways to exercise, such as HIIT exercises, dancing, and even cleaning, as well as more resources to find out more about some of these methods.

The trans community has been one of the most at-risk and ostracized groups of people since the beginning of colonization. LGBTQ activists have and continue to rally for fair treatment, ensured safety, and basic human rights but are faced with discrimination and violence. It is just a simple fact that you know and love either someone who is trans, or has a relation to someone who is trans. Wouldn’t you like to help them? As cisgender people, there is a plethora of ways to get involved with LGBTQ+ activism and help make a difference as an ally.

The purpose of taking notes is to capture information on a topic. It is an extremely vital skill, not only in formal education, but in our day to day lives.


For students, they have many opportunities to practice this skill with a pen and paper during lectures or lessons; however, as technology evolves, note taking methods change as well.


Recently, digital note taking has made a large impact on students for being easily accessible, customizable, and convenient. Although, despite the obvious benefits of virtual notes, some argue that handwritten notes are considered to be superior for retaining information. Utilized to their full capacity, both two methods can allow students to create the best quality reference materials yet.


Other News

British Columbia has unfortunately been experiencing a high spike in COVID-19 cases as of August 29; in fact, on August 28, the province reported 124 new cases, setting BC’s record for a single-day jump in cases. This can cause many more people to become infected with the virus, and it is important to keep informed about the number of cases in this province. So, in this article, we’ve explained the recent data regarding COVID-19 cases in British Columbia and the main causes behind this rise. Additionally, we listed some of the major public exposures in British Columbia that you should try to avoid, and noted the health officials’ response to keep citizens safe.

With students returning to school in the coming days, and many of them having already returned, schools across the world have decided to adopt new protocols and models of learning to adapt to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. One common plan adopted by many schools is a hybrid model - where students have the opportunity to learn both at school physically and online. Have you decided what type of learning you will be pursuing? Still undecided and need some advice? Here are the pros and cons of both online and in-person learning to keep in mind when making your decisions!

With the new school year upon us, many concerned parents may be wondering how exactly education professionals have opted to protect our students. Well, look no farther. With the help of @bellstudentsenator, we have compiled a list of the means Canadian schools are taking to stay safe among a pandemic, while maintaining a high degree of education.

300 students. Two days. A great impact.


Race to a Cure (commonly referred to as R2AC) has seen many exciting developments since its inception in late May; yet, of our greater highlights was the AlumNav x Race to a Cure University Webinar, supported by Taking It Global through the #RisingYouth grant. Over a span two of days in August, R2AC hosted university students across Canada to speak of their experiences and provide valuable advice to aspiring secondary school students. Undeniably, this webinar did not emerge in a vacuum. Check out the full article to view developments leading up to the event!