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Tips for the New School Year

It’s crazy to think that July has almost completely slipped away from us and that we’re only left with one month before school starts! Although some students are still in denial of the new school year that is quickly approaching us, it is extremely helpful to start preparing in advance, as you will definitely feel more at ease when transitioning into the school year. Especially for those who are going into their senior year, preparation is key.


General High School Advice

Come prepared with all materials

Keep yourself organized! Regardless of whether you will actually be doing work on the first day, you can never be too prepared! Make sure you have everything you’ll need to succeed in class: notebooks, agenda, paper, binders, pencil case, laptop, etc.

Coming prepared also shows that you care, and this will help you make a good impression on your teachers ... which leads us to our next point!

Make a good impression on your new teachers on the first day

This doesn’t mean you have to become their best friend, but generally speaking, work towards having a good relationship with your teachers. They could be an important person in your life that helps you discover your passions! They may also, one day, be writing your reference letters for university!

On the first day, if you are given the opportunity to share your ideas during class discussions, raise your hand! Most people are hesitant to participate in class on the first day, and so by willingly engaging yourself in discussions, you show that you actually care about them and their class.

Participate in school activities

It is important to get involved throughout your school with activities such as clubs, theatre, band, choir, a sports team, or any other extracurriculars. By engaging in school activities, you'll get to meet many new people. Especially in clubs like theatre or choir, you will be introduced to students of various grades in high school to make friends with!

Befriending students who are older than you comes with great benefits. Aside from making a valuable friendship, their guidance regarding academic material, insight on certain classes or teachers, and general life advice can be extremely useful. They have been in your exact position before, and they have lots of knowledge to share!

On the other hand, if you are an older student, befriending those in younger grades is equally important. By showing kindness and helping others, you are giving back to your school community. Additionally, if you ever plan on running for Student Council, it won't hurt to have friendships with the students you will be representing.

You also get to learn a new skill and gain new experiences! These moments can be some of the most valuable moments throughout your high school journey! As well, they can help you to discover your passions and build up your resume.

High School Seniors Advice

As much as we all have complained about high school, the upcoming school year — although it may get stressful at times, especially when preparing post-secondary applications — is going to go by incredibly quickly. But a friendly reminder that this is our time to make our marks in high school! Here is some advice to help us stay on top while enjoying the year!

Create your resume

To avoid the daunting task of creating a resume right before post-secondary applications are due, it is a good idea to begin compiling your achievements, extracurriculars, and interests on your resume beforehand.

Make a long version of your achievements, and try wording them in a way that makes an impact on the reader!

Brainstorm what makes you unique, by asking yourself:

  • What are your strengths?

  • What are your passions and interests?

  • What types of activities or subjects are you genuinely passionate about?

If you begin now, before university applications come out, you'll be well prepared to answer questions about yourself, and have a strong idea of what you want to say.

Start thinking about your future major or career paths

Although this is a daunting task to do, try narrowing down your choices. These decisions often take time, so having patience and reflecting on it little by little can help.

Research post-secondary programs

Aim to narrow down your top universities. Don’t just look at the school rankings; consider the school community and learning environment, class sizes, programs, the location, weather, etc. This also allows you to ensure you have all the credits necessary for the programs you wish to go into.

Balance your social life and school life

Avoid overloading yourself with activities! Especially in the first and second term because the pressure to keep your grades up for university applications may still be present. Do what you love and say ‘no’ to any unnecessary and meaningless activities.

Pace yourself so that you won’t reach senioritis!

Make memories

Attend social events within your school community and enjoy your senior year! Although there may be changes due to COVID-19, it is important to spend as much time as possible with your high school friends. Enjoy every moment together and show them that you’re grateful for them!


High school will go by fast and all that will really stay with you are the memories you make. So here’s to us, Class of 2021 to making the most of our time together!

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Article Contributors: Katrina Artes, Victoria Huang

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