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The Seeds For Success: The Story of Janus S4S

The past few months have brought events that were unprecedented and unexpected, to say the least. In what seems like an instant, the lives of many were greatly altered. Thus the daunting question arises: how can the world overcome these dramatic changes?

For a group of teenagers in Hamilton, Ontario, the answer is as clear as ever: through connecting, supporting, and helping others within the community.

Introducing Janus Skills 4 Success, a youth-led non-profit organization that aspires to do just that. Initiated in 2014 by Ashleigh and Alexandria Montague and formerly known as Sisters 4 Sisters, Janus S4S has a new and powerful mission to empower youth through volunteerism and leadership development. 

With the community in mind and an eagerness to help those in need during the pandemic, the Janus S4S executive team initiated a contactless food drive to support St. Matthew’s House—a charitable organization located in Hamilton, Ontario that is operating as an emergency food bank during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Throughout the past weeks, the dedicated team at Janus S4S has collected donations through contactless curbside pick-ups and drop-offs, ensuring proper safety precautions and social distancing measures were in place. The initiative was a great success, raising 682 pounds of non-perishable food items and toiletries, and a total of $545 in monetary donations, which was used to buy additional items in need including low-sodium and gluten-free foods.

Through their example, Janus S4S hopes to inspire and encourage youth to get involved in their communities. By actively participating and giving back, one can make a huge difference in the lives of those around them.

Janus S4S also seeks to educate youth on current events taking place in the world. On Monday June 29th, they will be hosting a ‘Ready, Set, Grow’ virtual workshop to educate youth on Black Lives Matter. With panellists to share stories, personal experiences, knowledge, and to answer questions, it is an informative and valuable workshop for youth to take part in!

"We believe that young people have the ability to make great changes. Yes, we have grown up in the social media [and] technology era, but that has allowed us to become the most informed and determined generation yet"

explains Leah Daniel, Sponsorship Coordinator of Janus Skills 4 Success.

Stay tuned for more initiatives of Janus Skills 4 Success by following their Instagram. They can be contacted at info.januss4s@gmail.com.

Pictured above are Janus Skills 4 Success executive team members Aby Montague, Aaron Montague, and Milenna Raposo.

Article Author: Victoria Huang