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Socially-Distanced Fun!

At this point in time, everyone might still be struggling to do a variety of fun things to fill time, so we’ve compiled a list of activities to do while still staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic!

At Home

  1. Do you enjoy baking? Make some baked goods with your family and share them with your neighbours! You may think this is simple, but we guarantee that this will put a smile on your neighbour’s face.

  2. If you want to learn something new and build your knowledge, take an online course on Coursera, or any other online course website. There are a variety of free, interesting courses out there that will teach you something fascinating!

  3. Create board games with a slight twist. The board game Monopoly created by twelve-year-old Robillard Nadon is a great example of being creative while having fun with your family.

  4. Finding plenty of extra time on your hands? Binge-watch your favourite series! You can even do this with your friends through a video conferencing call. You’ll laugh together, cry together, and enjoy each other’s company in a safe way.

  5. Foster or adopt a rescue! Animals need your help, especially during this time, and you will not be disappointed by the amount of love they’ll give back. As the old saying goes, “A dog is a man’s best friend.” (Or any other pet!)

  6. Try something new — you might be able to discover a hobby! There are so many tutorials ranging from crafts to dance available for free online. Go take a look!

  7. Yearning to travel? Well, you can travel the world while staying inside! Go on virtual tours through museums and landmarks, and treat yourself to some live animal webcams.


  1. Go for a stroll at your local park, but be sure to follow all social distancing protocols and stay safe!

  2. Go out for a bike ride with friends and family. Not only is this a fun activity, but you’ll be taking care of your physical and mental health as well.

  3. Plant a garden! This is an activity for all ages, so feel free to get your entire family involved! As your plants blossom, you’ll be gifted with birds, butterflies, and bees that come to visit your garden. What better way to enjoy nature without leaving the house!

  4. Challenge yourself to camp in your backyard for a few days. This will be harder than you think, and you’ll definitely feel grateful to have a roof over your head and meals on the dinner table afterwards.

  5. Invite some friends over for a socially-distanced picnic! This is an amazing way to more-or-less safely meet up with friends during the pandemic. Again, make sure that you are staying safe!

  6. Take an online fitness class remotely in nature. Listen to the natural sounds and aromatic smells around you, all while helping your body stay healthy.

Article Contributors: Valerie Shirobokov, Michelle Xiao

Featured image courtesy of Sebastian Voortman via Pexels