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Senior Year Bucket List Ideas

It’s finally the time of your high school career that you've both been waiting and dreading: senior year! We hope you fully experience and enjoy your last year of high school—from the all-nighters and group hangouts all the way to graduation at the end of the year. Here are 21 bucket list ideas for the class of 2021!

Students throwing graduation caps (Smilebox).

  1. Show some school spirit and support your friends at their athletic tournaments, concerts, and competitions.

  2. Step outside of your comfort zone! Join or start a new club at your school that you’re incredibly passionate about. Or try getting yourself involved in student government.

  3. For Halloween, wear a group costume with all your friends. Bonus points if you guys can get super creative.

  4. Have a gingerbread house making contest with your friends or arrange a Secret Santa gift exchange.

  5. For Valentine’s day, make sure your friends know how much you love them and send them some candy grams. (And maybe something special for a special someone ☺️)

  6. Throw a karaoke night with your closest friends. Bring some snacks and get ready to sing your heart out to some good ol’ throwbacks!

  7. Start a scrapbook or create a video montage of you and your friends throughout the school year.

  8. Take tons of pictures with your family! If you can, try to recreate your best and funniest pictures as a family bonding activity :) If you plan on moving away, try to create as many memories as you can with them.

  9. Organize a scavenger hunt or a game night with all of your friends. You can play some classic card games and board games, or you can even play Jackbox with your closest friends.

  10. Get a job or start your own business/initiative. When starting a business, try exploring the hobbies that you’ve always loved doing but haven’t been able to focus on as much.

  11. Apply to as many scholarships as you can. Do your research online and don’t be afraid to ask university students as well for advice.

  12. Plan a weekend road trip with your best friends. Get everyone to bring food potluck style and make a new Spotify playlist for the occasion!

  13. Pull an all-nighter and binge-watch your favourite movies with your family.

  14. Pull an all-nighter for a group project or for a last-minute cramming session.

  15. After finishing all of your super stressful exams, go out and celebrate over dinner with your family or get ice cream with your classmates.

  16. Get your driver’s license.

  17. Attend all of your school’s major social events like Winter Formal, Prom, etc.

  18. Join at least one sports team or start getting yourself involved in some physical activity like yoga, running, or HIIT workouts.

  19. Throw a memorable 18th birthday party with all your best friends, family, and loved ones.

  20. Take the time to think about your dreams and future.

  21. Reflect on your senior year. Make sure to send thank you gifts to important teachers and people who have helped you in your journey throughout high school!

Senior year might be a crazy year, but it's certainly one to remember. Keep your grades up, have fun, and make the most of your last year of high school!

Article contributors: Katrina Artes, Sherilyn Wen