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Remembering Life During the Pandemic

How will you remember life during the COVID-19 pandemic? In a year or two, when life has regained normalcy, how will you recall the sudden change in the world, the global lockdowns, the closures of schools and workplaces, and the constant stream of COVID-19 related news, whether it be case updates, safety information, or messages of positivity?


You might be thinking, why would I wish to remember life during the pandemic? Isn’t it better to forget this difficult time once we finally pass it?

At times, we often fail to realize that we are living through a significant historical event while we are in them. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, redefined a new “normal,” and will certainly go down in history books. In fact, museums across the world have been working to capture this time through images, artwork, and artifacts of the pandemic. Ellen Harrison, Head of Creative Programmes and Campaigns at Historic England, tells CNN, “It's really important future generations are able to look back and see what all had to happen for us to be safe. And [exhibits about coronavirus are] a really useful way of processing some of the really difficult feelings and frustrations that we all experience.” Remembering historical events equip future generations with experience, guidance, and greater knowledge.

Furthermore, the pandemic has brought positive experiences as well. Challenge yourself to look a little deeper into these past few months, and you may discover moments you wish to cherish. Across the world, the lockdown has given people the opportunity to spend more time with their families, discover new hobbies, read new books, explore new movies and television shows, and take on all those projects they’ve been meaning to get done for years! The extra time at home has also allowed people to focus on mental health and self-care. During these past few months, the world has seen incredible acts of kindness, support within communities, and the undeniable bravery of frontline workers and essential workers across the globe.


This brings us back to the question: how will you remember the time you lived through a worldwide pandemic? A time of uncertainty, devastation, and feelings of fear. A time of innovation and new technological inventions. A time that forced the world to look for the silver lining despite the unprecedented circumstances, and continuously support one another with messages of positivity? How will you remember it all? Here’s a list that you can use to discover ways in which you can document your life during the pandemic.

  • Keep a journal. Journaling allows you to put your thoughts and emotions onto paper. Whether you choose to write daily or at times you want to document an important event, lesson, or experience in your life, journaling is a hobby that improves mental well-being, allows for reflection, and acts as a great tool for your future self to look back on following the pandemic.

  • Make a photo album. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Capturing special moments during the pandemic will allow you to look back on all the new hobbies discovered, projects accomplished, and family bonding experiences.

  • Create artwork. Unleash your creativity through drawing, painting, sculpting—whatever method allows you to express yourself best. A piece of artwork can capture endless emotions and messages to exhibit life during the pandemic.

‘Super Nurse!’ mural in Amsterdam by the artist known as FAKE (Insider)

  • Take up scrapbooking. Creating a scrapbook is a creative way to document your life and preserve memorable moments during the pandemic. It is also a great arts and crafts activity for the whole family to enjoy!

  • Create a time capsule. Capture this time in life by filling a box or jar with photos, letters, artwork, newspaper clippings, magazines, etc. You can choose to bury your time capsule in the backyard, stuff it in the attic, or place it somewhere safe to be recovered in the future. This activity makes for a great family bonding experience, and is certain to create a fun and memorable family reunion in a couple of years!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world in devastating ways. Despite this, these past few months have also proved the strength, resilience, courage, and kindness of humanity. However you choose to remember this time, we encourage you to never stop looking for the silver lining in unfortunate situations, and to continue creating positive and memorable experiences!

Featured image is courtesy of Buenosia Carol.

Article Author: Victoria Huang

Article Editor: Valerie Shirobokov