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Maintaining Relationships in Quarantine

Relationships help us thrive in our everyday lives. They provide us with support and consolation in our times of sadness, and joy. The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted physical interaction with people who fill your life with meaning. Have a friend, family member or significant other you are trying to connect with through a virtual setting? It can be hard to adapt to the online world, but we're here to help. Here are some ideas on how to interact virtually with those that matter most to you!

Communication Platforms :

First of all, It's important to choose the communication platform that suits you and your people. Are you looking to have a meaningful conversation? A one on one phone call could be just what you're looking for. Want to see each other face to face, as if you were sitting at your kitchen table? Zoom or Google Meet are great options. Both will allow for you to have a high number of participants, but if you want to talk for more than 40 minutes, a Google Meet may be your best bet. Want to play and talk? Download Houseparty, which includes interactive games to engage in along with your conversation.

Games :

The great thing about technology is that there are endless possibilities when it comes to engaging activities. First, there are a variety of online games that appeal to all age groups. These include:

  • Psych: A trivia games app - where you can create the answers to questions - that will be sure to engage all players.

  • Skribbl.io: An online game pictionary-like game that will bring out your true artist.

  • Pogo.com: A website filled with a variety of online, multiplayer games, many of which are inspired by old-school board games like Monopoly.

  • Jackbox Games: A website with different interactive games that involve trivia, drawing, and much more. While these games aren't free, it may be worthwhile for friend groups to purchase these bundles of entertainment!

  • Scattergories Online: A classic game turned virtual to see who has the most knowledge about topics ranging from food to movies to countries of the world. 

Looking for more games? Check out the links below :

Activities :

Other than games, there are many virtual activities that individuals can participate in, virtually, from the comfort of their homes.

  • Virtual fitness session: So many youtubers have come forth with great fitness content to ensure everyone stays fit during our time at home. Put on a video, a pair of your athletic gear, and some upbeat tunes. You can try a workout, a yoga session, or even some zumba!

  • Netflix Party: For groups who all have netflix, this extension allows for you to all watch a movie at the same time. From your favourite Rom-Com to Action flick, a movie is a great way to spend time with anyone.

  • Virtual Karaoke or Dance Party: If you're looking to show off your singing and dancing skills you’ve gained after the hours you’ve been watching TikToks, set up a Zoom Party Night!

  • Eat or Cook a meal together: Miss your outings for pizza or ice cream? Choose one of your favorite dishes, whether it's a main course or dessert, and make it together (virtually). Follow it up with a Zoom dinner and discussion!

These are just a few ideas of how to spend time with others while being in quarantine, but the possibilities are endless. Any type of relationship requires the time and effort of everyone involved, but it's understandable to want to have some time to yourself as well. To maintain healthy relationships with everyone, make sure to be consistent with your interactions, for example, having specific times for calls every week. That way, everyone will make an effort to be available and participate, ensuring that everyone is able to feel supported and involved. So the next time you want to plan a virtual day with your friends, family or significant other, make sure to keep these engaging and fun ideas in mind to ensure your time together is well spent.

Contributors : Asima Hudani, Edie Whittington