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Last Minutes of Summer

How did summer fly by so fast? With less than a few weeks of summer left, we have to make the most of it. Although it’s easy to let it pass by, we can put in some extra effort to accomplish or try something new to finish off the summer. From relaxing, learning a new skill, preparing for the school year, or creating new memories to make up for the ones lost last summer, this article aims to give you ideas for things you can do for the last minutes of summer!


With limited time, it’s helpful to narrow down what you plan to do. Is there a specific skill you’ve been wanting to learn? A book series that you haven’t had time to read? A restaurant you want to try? Try brainstorming what you want to do and write them down in a list to have some general ideas, themes and goals. If you don’t have many ideas, don’t worry that is what this article is for!

Last Minute Summer Bucket List

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Learn a New Skill

Learning something new takes time so if you do, choose to learn a new skill try and dedicate 30 minutes or more each day. If it’s something you want to make a habit of learning, schedule a specific time to do it. You can use google calendar, set reminders, learn with a friend or use a physical journal to keep you accountable. You can also choose soft skills that you might want to put on a resume or application in the future.


This is one skills that anyone with internet access can learn online for free! If you are interested in technology it might be helpful to dip your toes into coding to test it out and have fun by making mini projects. It can also help with developing soft skills, coding can help make you approach problems and projects in a different way as well as help you become more observant to detail. “After all, when a single misplaced hyphen or missing period can mess up your entire code, you become quite skilled at checking your work. (The Muse) If you want to learn more about coding or find more resources read this article Why you should learn coding.

Improve on a Language

Whether it may be brushing up on a language before school or learning a new one, like coding there are a lot of resources and apps online to help you learn. There are also many benefits which this article talks about: Language Learning. A more fun way to learn a language and immersing yourself in the culture is by watching shows in that language and turning on the captions to English or vice versa.


We don’t always have time to explore our creative side during the school year, but being creative can be therapeutic. Some art and music skills you could try are knitting, sketching, painting, video editing, photography, dance, playing a new instrument, scrap booking, bullet journaling, the list can go on!

Catching Up

During the school year or summer school you might have time to do things that you might have wanted to do. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy yourself and catch up on your hobbies, interests and others! So let’s catch up with what we like before the school year starts up again.

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Over this year a lot of new books and series have been released and it doesn’t hurt to re-read the classics. Reading can be relaxing, fiction can transport you to another world. If you have trouble picking a book or keep getting sidetracked, here’s an article with book recommendations and how to get back into reading: Back to Reading.

Binge Watch a Show

Dive into a new TV show or rewatch your favourites, watching a show without any worries or stress is a different level of relaxation. You could combine this with learning a new language by watching a show in another language with English captions. Or if you have Netflix you can use telepathy to binge watch a show with your friends!

Create a Summer Music Playlist

Curating your own summer playlist can remind you of this summer when you listen back to it during the school year. It’s the perfect playlist to play when you want to get into the summer mood whether that may be driving a sunset with the windows down or simply dancing in your room. If you want to learn more about the scientific benefits of music, read this article: the Importance of Music to the Everyday Person!

Talk to friends

During the pandemic it’s easy to lose touch with your friends when you can’t see them everyday or meetup as frequently. Try and keep in touch with your friends through technology or social media. This article, How to Stay Connected During the Pandemic gives lots of ideas on ways you can stay connected and why it’s important to your mental health.

Recharging before the school year

The school year can be draining and we can try and prevent burn out by going into it prepared and with a positive mindset.

Sleep schedule

Although it is the summer and there isn’t a strict schedule, try and have a semi-consistent sleep schedule so you won't be shocked waking up early again for the first day of school. Lack of sleep can affect your mental health and if you don’t know how to fix your sleep, this article covers some methods to improve sleep habits: Sleep and Mental Health in Teens. Not to scare you, but sleep deprivation for a long period of time has consequences on your health as this article outlines, Sleep Deprivation and its Effects on the Brain so try and get more sleep (at least 8 hours).


Cleaning your room or preparing your school supplies can make you feel more prepared and organized for the start of the year. I always like to declutter my school supplies and work from the previous year because I often reuse stationary, especially binders. It can help you feel less chaotic and you know what you are missing and what you need to buy.

Create a Schedule that Works for You

Before the year starts, it is always helpful to have an organization system with all the due dates, events and important dates so you don’t lose track of what you need to do. For example, I like using Google Calendar for all my due dates and schedule, while I like using Notion for my to-do list. Setting a system for how you block your time after school can help you get the ball rolling and not fall behind. A system you could implement is that right after school I will work 1 hour on my homework given that day.

Make Some Memories

The summer isn’t all about personal growth although that is great, it’s also about making memories while following health guidelines. Here are some ideas:

Socially Distanced Picnic

Go to a park with friends and bring food, snacks, a blanket and card games!

Try a New Restaurant or Café

Go on the internet (food blogs) and find a nearby restaurant or cafe that you want to try.

Watch a Sunset While Playing Your Summer Playlist

This may seem a bit generic, but sunsets are still very beautiful.

While Summer 2021 is wrapping-up, there are definitely a few more activities you can squeeze it before it officially ends!

Article Author: Kelley Liang

Article Editors: Stephanie Sahadeo, Edie Whittington