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How this all-in-one app is helping people amid COVID-19

People all around the world have been keeping themselves busy while staying home during COVID-19, by relying on their technology.

Although it is important to take a break from technology, this all-in-one app has helped many people cope with the pandemic. More importantly, it is encouraging physical distancing while still living a semi-normal life.

Introducing this helpful tool called COVID TO, an app designed to provide information regarding many areas of this topic.This tool is designed by a Toronto-based city builder and organizer named Zahra Ebrahim.

The app which can be launched on a browser, featured 6 different pages: the Home page which links users to the COVID-19 self-assessment tool; the Give page, featuring ways in which Torontonians can support local charities and organizations; the Need and Healthy pages, providing contact information to important city resources; the Fun page, offering interactive activities for individuals of all ages; and the Ask page, a spot to ask any questions relating to the pandemic.

This app is user-friendly, and has different spaces for users to find what they are looking for.

Pictured above: A screenshot of the online version of the app

You can find the app at https://covidto.glideapp.io/. Feel free to browse through the different pages, and let us know what interesting page or website you found though it!

Article Contributors: Asima Hudani, Risha Shah