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Dear Diary, News from the Third Wave

We have passed the one-year mark for the COVID-19 pandemic, and history is repeating itself.

“Canada continues to face an incredibly serious situation with this third wave, cases are rising rapidly in many cases, in many places, numbers are higher than they have ever been before and many hospitals are stretched way too thin”

- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, April 16, 2021

Canadians around the country are feeling a terrible sense of deja vu. This time last year, students were coming home for spring break, eager to spend time out of school without realizing how long that time would last. It seems the class of 2021 might face the same fate as the class of 2020. As Ontario re-enters provincial lockdown with a stay-at-home order, British Columbia meets record hospitalization, and provinces from coast to coast scramble to keep variants contained; it seems Canada is right back where it started one year ago. Only this time, the students, parents, and teachers know what is coming - not that it makes the situation any better. The flip-flop in and out of in-person schooling has resulted in this school year being a lot harder than many imagined. With students counting down the last few months until summer, the question on everyone's mind is the same as last year: when is the COVID-19 pandemic going to end?

As spring rains start pouring in full force, Cara and Max are trying to make the most of their school situation while Marie and Advik are counting days until the semester can finally end. Last we saw them, they were all a bit under the weather. Hopefully, they can find some light in their lives even in this continued national catastrophe. Hopefully, you can too!

The following diary entries are works of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Dear Diary,

Today is Friday, April 16. School was so much FUN! It was so HOT this week! Mom said I did not have to wear my sweter. Leo said we have fifty school days in grade 3 left. I can count to fifty, it is not a big number. I do not want to leave school… I miss my freinds… Ms. Kennedi gave me a A+ for my project! I wrote a stroy about three robots who are BFFs named Carbot and Rebot and Lubot. Like me and Reva and Lucy. I drawed a portrat and Mom said it was elegant. I like that word. ELEGANT!!! I called Gramma Gramma and said she was elegant. She laughed. Mom says Gramma Gramma is getting better. I hope she can come to Mom’s suprise birthday party. I am going to suprise Mom with cake! I am going to make Mom’s gift now. Bye Diary! You are ELEGANT!

Cara Weir, Grade 3

Dear Diary,

Baba told me Denis and Lana’s Grandpa is in the hospital. Baba didn’t say it but I know he as COVID. Auntie drove him to the medical center in the middle of the night because he was coughing so hard he couldn’t breathe. I talked with Lana and Denis on the phone, they both sound really scared. I hope Grandpa gets better, he always made the best fish and even though I don’t know him that well, I don’t want him to get hurt. I don’t want anyone to get hurt… Baba talked with Grandpa over the phone. Since he had a ventilator thingy on he wasn’t able to talk very well but Baba says his oxygen level is going up. That’s good, right? British Columbia has so many hospitalizations, Grandpa was lucky to find a bed. Auntie and Uncle are worried.

I had school today. It was special today. We played in the gym because it was raining outside and the teacher let us pick whatever game we wanted. I think it was because he was a substitute. We played dodgeball with our feet! It was awesome. It was also Josh’s birthday so he brought everyone quarantined chocolates he bought from the store two weeks ago. I think this was the first time school actually felt fun. I got Josh a comic for his birthday with my dog-walking money. He is waiting for a few weeks before he opens it and reads it (because of germs). I think he’ll like it. Goldie liked it, she practically licked the entire cover! I hope she doesn’t get sick. Can dogs get COVID?

Baba tried to teach me to make this honey chicken thingy. It turned out to be too soury. Baba said it was bittersweet but he still ate the whole thing. I think everything that has happened since last year has been bittersweet, but I’m still glad it happened.

Max Zhou, Grade 7

Dear Diary,

People are rioting in Montreal. Literal riots. Like breaking windows and burning things. All because they are sick of the curfews. Well I’m sick of the lockdowns too but you don’t see me burning things! We need to stay home to save lives, it makes me want to bash my head against a wall because people think their weekend raves are more important than actual lives! These are the same people who called our peaceful BLM protests last year ‘riots’. If we can advocate for racial equality for Black people (something that actually kills people) peacefully, why are you destroying Montreal for a cause that will actually kill people. The craziness that this pandemic brings never ceases to amaze me…

I told Leena and Sam while we were planning the jazz open house and they both just shook their heads sadly. I think it's sad that this kind of craziness has happened so often they are desensitized to it.

School still sucks thought. There is so much work! Seriously, we did not get these many tests in the past eleven years combined. I am literally counting days until graduation. Ughhh...graduation…

I had so many plans, I was going to have such a nice dress, and we were all going to go out for lunch together, and the band would play a final farewell fanfare. Gen and I had been talking about graduation since we got in high school. Four years of planning and hoping, down the germ filled drain…Mama just said that means when I graduate university we will have twice the celebration. Honestly, I’m not even sure how I’m going to survive university. Papa and Mama are really happy I got into the school I wanted, but I’m not even sure if four more years of studying is something I want… I just want this to be over.

On a side note, my secret admirer is strangely poetic! They are not revealing themselves, but they are giving me the cutest little complements! Had this been any other year, I think they would have asked me to prom. Oh la la, a girl can dream!

Marie Musa, Grade 12

Dear Diary,

Ok I thought Maya hates me, but apparently she likes the chai I make too much to hate me too much. So I guess that’s good? This whole quarantine relationship thing is a lot harder than I thought it would. We are obviously still there for each other, but it’s hard to show someone that you care about them when you can’t barely see them. Since the stay at home order, I’ve been delivering her homemade chai (because according to Amma good food can fix any relationship) and then we FaceTime and drink tea together. Closest thing to a coffee date I will probably ever get for the next year. Her brother apparently lost his job in Kingston (again) and there is some family drama going on. No to mention her degree is about twelve times as hard as mine so she’s constantly either finishing assignments or coding until three in the morning. But if anyone can pass CS with flying colours its Maya, she’s a genius.

Myself on the other hand… well at the very least, I will pass all my courses! I’m finding it impossible to focus on online lectures. The professor just keeps droning on and on (he sounds like that teacher from Charlie Brown “Wah, wah, wah, wah”). I fell asleep for the first time ever during class this week. I’m just praying this last semester gets over quickly. Less than two months left!

Also Kaylor’s roommate got better, but now they have some symptoms… I’m done with this pandemic ruining lives. I delivered them some of Amma’s herbal concoctions. Their test results come back tomorrow. Kaylor has asthma as a child but they are strong now, I’m sure they’ll be fine soon. I’m sure we all will be fine soon. I really hope we all will be fine soon.

Advik Shah, second-year undergrad

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Article Author: Ria Patel

Article Editors: Stephanie Sahadeo, Olivia Ye