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Careers in Media Design

We always hear about mechanical engineers, but have you ever stumbled upon media design professions? There are many unique media careers to choose from, and what makes them engaging is their multidisciplinary responsibilities that entail innovation, visual arts, marketing engineering, and artistry.

Graphic Designers + Illustrators

The responsibilities of graphic designers and illustrators vary depending on the industry one is employed in. Example tasks may encompass website design, and creating newspaper and magazine layouts.

Photo editors

Photo editors select and edit images to make a customer’s experience more visually appealing. Some of their responsibilities include hiring the most appropriate photographer for the job, operating with editors to see what photos best accompany the text on magazines, newspapers, and books.

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User Experience Designers + User Interface Designers

Although responsibilities may vary from company to company, both user experience designers and user interface designers are at the vanguard of attaining customer satisfaction.

A user experience designer’s role is to produce products that satisfy the maximum number of customers.

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As a user interface designer, one also strives for customer satisfaction, but the primary role is centred around website design. The goal is to achieve customer satisfaction through the visual appearance and usability of the website.

Marketing Designer/Specialist, Marketing

A marketing director oversees the business aspect of companies or organizations. Besides controlling outreach and advertising, they analyze and improve the company’s marketing strategies.

Packaging Designer

The package is usually the “first impression” that helps customers determine the quality of a product. Hence, the duty of a packaging designer is to generate an imperishable, captivating design to attract potential consumers.

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A signwriter makes effective and visually appealing signs. Signwriters are responsible for manufacturing signs, creating designs that fulfill the needs of both their clients and prospective customers, while also executing the entire process.

Film Director

A film director oversees the creative aspects of film production. Several tasks include selecting actors, backdrops, and film locations. Another duty of this profession is guiding creative departments, including art, casting, and costumes. Film directors also collaborate with producers and scriptwriters.

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Art Director

An art director manages a creative team. This career also selects and produces images and arts to be superimposed on websites, digital magazines, advertisements, or even films.

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We hope that this article allowed you to gain a newfound appreciation for media designers. They contribute so much to our world, and our appreciation rarely measures up to their worth.

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Article Author: Michelle Xiao

Article Editor: Maria Giroux, Sherilyn Wen