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A Quick Workout for a Busy Fall Season

During the busy months of September and October, students go back to school and individuals return to their jobs. Along the way, many often disregard the most important aspects of living a balanced life, such as self-care and exercise. We use our lack of time as an excuse to not centre our minds and bodies in these natural, health-boosting activities. 

Exercising is so important and the multitude of benefits that come with it are extremely beneficial. We have created a 10-15 min workout that you can squeeze into your occupied schedule. If you have any injuries or health conditions, consult with your physician before attempting to perform these exercises. 

**There are instructions included for less familiar exercises. If you are unsure of the how-to of an exercise, search it up and ensure that it is a credible source. 

Efficient workout for busy people (Complete in 5-15 mins)

Pushup to Plank

45 sec

Begin in a pushup position and then transition to a plank. Repeat this until the time runs out. 


45 sec

(If you find this exercise effortless, you can always add weight or jump squat)

Bicep Curl 

15 reps 


45 sec 

Do as many as you can in the time frame. 

All the way jumps 

45 sec 

Start From the floor where both knees are fully bent. 

Push off with both feet, and jump as high as you can. 

Then, come back to the same position you started. 

Repeat 2-3 times. Add a 60-second break in between sets. 

Final note

That's it! This is a super quick and easy workout you can do with minimal time and space. Find a time during your day when you can get up from your desk and take care of your body by exercising and staying active. In the end, it'll ultimately make you healthier, happier, and more well-balanced. Good luck!

Article author: Michelle Xiao

Article editors: Sherilyn Wen, Edie Whittington