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10 Activities and Challenges to Make Your Life Greener

With all this time on our hands, now is the perfect time to go green and appreciate Mother Nature for everything she does for us. Here are some fun activities and challenges to reduce your carbon footprint and pass time during COVID-19.

The Lorax (The Blade)

Simple activities

1. Plant a garden

This is the perfect activity to get the entire family involved and to educate yourself on different types of plants in our environment. What’s more is that you will receive low-cost, but fresh, high-quality sustainable fruits and vegetables while contributing to a positive impact on our ecosystems. 

2. Go out for a bike ride

This is a multi-benefit activity where you can enjoy some physical activity, family bonding, and the nature around you while leaving zero carbon footprints! What a better way to spend a warm summer day?

3. Tie-dye with plants/vegetable scraps

Although this isn’t 100% eco-friendly, it is definitely better than the traditional tie-dying with chemical dyes. And you’ll sure be putting those vegetable scraps to good use! Here is a link to get you started: Tie-dye w/fruits, vegetables, and scraps

4. Watch the Lorax

An entertaining and educational movie for all ages that may persuade you to discard your non-eco friendly ways of living and transform them into a more sustainable way of living. Whether this means being more cautious when you’re out exploring in nature, planting a garden to reduce the amount of chemicals that are released into the atmosphere, enjoying a more plant-based diet, or saying no to new clothes every month, know that you're helping to make the world a better place!

5. Go to the local farmer’s market

Don’t have the space or time to plant your own garden? Go out to your local farmer’s market where you can purchase healthy and locally-grown food. This will get your family started on the right foot for your eco-friendly life, as not only are the fruits and vegetables fresh, but they are locally-grown as well. This both increases the quality of food you are purchasing and reduces the amount of waste needed to be transported if the products weren’t local. 


1. Build your own DIY rainwater harvesting system

This may sound complicated, but there are plenty of tutorials online to facilitate this process and you’ll have the freedom to choose from a variety of variations ranging from simple to complex. Not only will this help reduce the water that goes to waste, but it’s guaranteed to save you some money on water bills. Here’s an example of a website that provides readers with numerous options ranging from simple to complex, cheap to expensive: https://morningchores.com/rainwater-harvesting/

2. Junk Mail Crafts

Bored during quarantine and want an eco-friendly way to pass time? Well, you hit! Junk mail crafts are the perfect way to conquer the boredom while keeping your life eco-friendly. The Youtube channel Mindless Crafting has several videos regarding different masterpieces you can create with junk mail. Or, if you prefer, here are some websites:

homehacks.co › uses-junk-mail

Get Artsy

Junk Mail Crafts

3. Unplug all digital devices before going to bed.

This sure may sound simple, but try keeping up this habit for a week. This not only reduces your carbon footprint, but gives you a chance to enjoy your night’s rest without disruptions.  

4. Create a photo journal

Take it upon yourself to find the time to appreciate and acquire knowledge on what’s around you. Learn the names of plants, research about how you can help, and spread the message through photos!

5. Live plastic-free for a month 

We know it is not environmental awareness month, but it’s always a good time to look after our precious environment. Plastic is one of the principal causes of marine pollution. If we don’t take action now, there will be more plastic than fish in 2050. So have some fun attempting the plastic-free challenge while transforming your lifestyle for the better. 


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Article contributors: Sherilyn Wen, Michelle Xiao