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Bridge Back Home

A month-long postcard fundraiser and awareness campaign to bridge distance during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent mental health pandemic.
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What is Bridge back home?


Bridge Back Home is a postcard fundraiser that will run during the month of September where R2AC will sell postcards with custom art by Canadian youth for people to write to their family, friends, and those they haven’t met with recently due to the pandemic. The money generated from postcard sales will be donated to children’s hospitals and summer camps that we feature on the postcards. 


It is also an awareness campaign for COVID-19 related mental health struggles.  The extended period of isolation has been a toll on many people and open discussion about it can raise awareness and help those who are struggling.


We will start and end the fundraising month with an “Hour of Action” style online event where we will introduce the project, open postcard sales, and share information about mental health support. 


The hashtag #bridgebackhomeR2AC will be used to post photos of postcards or to share positive messages about mental health.

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What is the purpose of this project?

To bridge distance during the COVID-19 pandemic because sending and receiving postcards is a heartwarming way to ‘physically’ connect with our loved ones. Many people are feeling the distance and missing the physical connection with people, so this fundraiser can motivate people to rekindle relationships. People with family in far away countries that are struggling with the pandemic are feeling really estranged from the struggle, so sending a postcard can help bridge that distance.


To raise awareness for mental health. The COVID-19 pandemic and many current events have pulled many people deep into mental health struggles and they don’t have support systems to help them By encouraging people to check in with those around them, we can raise awareness for these issues and help those who need it find help.

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Sign up for the Hour of Action!

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On September 1 and 30 from 7 to 8 pm EST, R2AC will host an Hour of Action online event where we will introduce the Bridge Back Home project, open postcard sales, and share information about mental health support.

Hour of action schedule:

R2AC’s Bridge Back Home team will share the inspiration for this project

Our partners will share their initiatives.

Breakout sessions to share mental health resources and for community bonding

Group game to countdown to sales opening launch!

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Our Partners for Bridge Back Home

Art donors:


Outreach Partners:

Positivity for Patients
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