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The Race To A Cure for common diseases currently impacting humankind.

We provide updates and reliable information to educate youth on developments within the STEM community, focusing on those within the health science sector.

The Race to a Cure for uninformed youth.

We strive to be the cure of uninformed youth by providing reliable resources concerning STEM and social justice so they have the information they need to take on the world.

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Our Impact

Our Purpose & Mission

Race to a Cure is a national platform striving to create opportunities that empower youth interested in science, technology, engineering, and math through comprehensive research, civic improvement, and social welfare.

Our purpose is to:

  • Establish a platform providing reliable news that is accessible and coherent to youth.

  • Create opportunities that empower youth interested in science, technology, engineering, math, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

  • Raise awareness in social issue advocacy, international relations, and research within youth. 

  • Advocate for the inclusion of underrepresented and marginalized groups that may face difficulty when seeking opportunities in academic and professional environments.

  • Foster essential proficiencies in leadership, research, and collaboration.

  • Provide an environment that values free-thinking and encourages innovation amongst like-minded youth. 

  • Inspire individuals by highlighting current and future initiatives demonstrating active community engagement.

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Our Values




We work to represent the world's cultural mosaics, providing representation to all races, sexualities, genders, and identities.




We present members with opportunities to cultivate leadership skills necessary to thrive in a professional environment.




We create a workspace built on transparency, and encourage all members to carry out their work honestly.




We work with student builders and innovators to develop an online community, providing a safe space to fail, get feedback, and grow.




We aim to provide reliable information on social and scientific topics that are relevant, and accessible to youth.




We foster a supportive learning environment in which members are encouraged to think freely and express their ideas.

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Our History

In April 2020, Race to a Cure began with 15 cofounders. Since then, as of January 2021, we have nearly quadrupled in size of executive members, and welcomed nearly the same number of ambassadors. Our reach expanded from nationwide to worldwide, with global reach in all continents. Our initiatives began as one, publishing articles, and increased to more than 10. 


Moving forward in 2021, we are excited to continue our path of growth and look forward to the initiatives to come!

Problem We Identified

When Race to a Cure began shortly after the pandemic started, many youth felt lost: the constant push of negativity in the news was overwhelming, and there was a significant lack of online resources for youth our age. Nearly all news, support, and opportunities were for adults, seniors or very young children. How could we, as teens, understand the world and help others do the same?

Solution We Created

We sought out to fill this gap, and our first mission was to be a national platform striving to empower teens through interactive activities, positive news, and reliable information during the pandemic. We wanted to bring teens together through scientific and social research that engaged their voices and spotlighted their hard work during the pandemic—both of which we did with our commitment to highlighting those making a change in our community in our articles and social media, and with the Socioeconomic Effects of Sars-CoV-2 on Canadian Youth research study that directly polled individuals of this age demographic.

In late 2020, as we began to write about more than only social initiatives and scientific news, expanding to providing our audience with tips/advice and a variety of other news, and the effects of our initiatives became increasingly broad, our work surpassed only publishing articles and providing interactive activities. We desired to create STEM opportunities for others, continue lifting the voices of those around us, and advocate for those in need.


Thus, our mission statement adapted in parallel: Race to a Cure expanded to become a national platform striving to create opportunities that empower youth interested in science, technology, engineering, and math through comprehensive research, civic improvement, and social welfare.

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